Sail & Kite Coating
Sail & Kite Coating

Sails are one of the most sensitive components of a boat. Mechanical loads (maneuvers, strong winds) and environmental influences (water, salt) are a major factor for all canvas, foils and laminates.


Sail & Kite coating is a two-component canvas coating based on the chemical nanotechnology. The optically neutral coating extends the life, increases the performance and simplifies the handling.



  • Improve the gliding behavior and significant reduction of friction 
  • Strong waterproofing effect, very high water and dirt repellency
  • Up to 65% lighter sails through reduced water absorption *
  • Up to 65% faster drying time *
  • Reduction of mold and stain formation
  • Optimizing the aerodynamic properties
  • Highly concentrated -> high yield
  • Water-based  ->solvent free-> free of biocides
  • Non-combustible -> no hazardous material
  • Easy application

Areas of application:

  • Spinnaker, jib and mainsail, furling sails, kites etc...
  • Waterproof coating for persenning, tents, pavillions, sun sails or awnings
  • We recommend Sail & Kite Impregnation for fabrics that can not be rolled out and treated with sail & Kite Coating  (sprayhood, protective roofs, convertible top, sun shade, backpack, sailing-clothing, shoes, boat pillows, etc.)

Available sizes:

  • 50 ml Set (approx. 10 - 16 m² or 20 - 32 m², depending on kind of material)
  • 125 ml Set  (approx. 25 - 40 m² or 50 - 80 m², depending on kind of material)

* The data were collected in a combination of scientific tests and practical field tests. Untreated sails were compared with identical sails with a Sail & Kite Coating treatment. The drying times were measured at 23°C and 46% humidity.

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